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    Ok here's something I thought I'd add here because I'm curious to know if anyone else has a gecko like this too. This is Stella. She NEVER changes color. She is always half fired (if you look at her sides, you can see the 'half fired tiger stripes') Does anyone else have a permanently half fired gecko? I got her as an adult from a local breeder who was getting out of the hobby, and I didn't notice until later that she never fully fired up or down. What a weirdo.

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      Here is my contribution. Lady Deathstrike unfired. fires up black. she's a sweetheart.
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        Love looking at everyone's unfired kids! Lady Deathstrike you're amazing <3 Nightshade is one of my favorite geckos ever... fired, and now unfired! I love her unfired colors.
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          My favourite fired down gecko, Freckles.

          Click image for larger version

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            Quinn is usually half or mostly fired, so it's always fun to see her looking ghostly.

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              Older photos , but this contrast from fired to unfired is pretty wild
              Click image for larger version

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