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  • The Unfired Gecko Club!

    Everyone loves to capture a picture of their gecko fully fired...and I'm no exception. I've been on a bit of a picture kick lately, trying to get those perfect fully fired shots (finally got one of only took a year of trying to capture the moment!!). I'm realizing though, that there are several of my geckos that are really impressive in their "daytime suits".

    So here they are - a few of my very favorite unfired geckos!

    Luca - our very first ever hatchling...unfired she is so incredibly pale...and those little pin dashes just seem to glow!

    Brigham - I always appreciate just how creamy this boy is when his dark base color is subdued

    Teller - He's a completely different gecko fired/unfired. He gets super dark...kind of orange & kind of lavender when he fires. But during the day he's my awesome yellow pinstripe! I'm a sucker for yellow!!

    Puck - When he fires all but the black spots disappear. Unfired, I am always floored by just how spotty this guy actually is!

    Puggle - I don't know why I love this girl's unfired color so much. I guess I just love a good olive.

    Ving - When this guy is unfired, there's this neat outline that appears around all of his cream markings - really makes it pop!

    Champion Heartache - Ok...honest truth...I love this girl's color no matter what. Fired, she's gorgeous. Unfired, she's gorgeous. It just so happens that my favorite pic of her is unfired, so I thought it worthy of including here!

    I showed you show me yours!! Let's see some more beautiful unfired geckos!!
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    Such beautiful geckos! I love lookign at them just as much unfired as i do when they are fully brillant. ^^

    Here are my babies unfired ^^
    Click image for larger version

Name:	S7304822.jpg
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    and Cobar;
    Click image for larger version

Name:	S7306047.jpg
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      Oo I Wanna play! On tapa talk so I can't post one now, but will in the morning... Just Savin my post so I can easily access it later

      Oh and it's my garg


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        nice lookin bunch. Glad to see Ving doing well and looking quite handsome.
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          Originally posted by GeckosAfterNightfall View Post
          nice lookin bunch. Glad to see Ving doing well and looking quite handsome.
          Ahhh...I totally forgot to tell you I did a photo shoot with him! Shame on me! Maybe if I have some time tomorrow I'll do a picture thread of him & Fii...a little brother/sister photo moment!! I'll let you know if I get around to it.
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            love puck - he is super sexy!

            cyrus unfired

            diva unfired
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              Couldnt resist...

              Laney unfired

              Laney fired up

              I had to add the fired up pic just because she looks like two different geckos

              Nero looks cool unfired too but he's cheating (half fired on his side there)

              Dolly, my red/black dali girl

              That's it, I swear!!
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                Sign me up for this club, lol. Here's a recent picture of my little baby Skitters. All of his (or her) siblings fire up darkish when they want to, but this one is always some shade of light gray with yellow-ish cream markings. The siblings all look pretty much like this when fired down though. I plan on doing some new photos soon-ish so here's my subscription to the thread - I'll be back!



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                  This is a fun one! Great geckos - I absolutely LOVE Teller, Puck and Nero!

                  Ruddy Duck NEVER EVER fires....only once in a blue moon... if I'm lucky.

                  This is an old pic, but an unfired photo of Everest I've always loved

                  Thrush, son to Everest

                  Don't know if this one is cheating or not, since Rex doesn't fire at all This is just his color

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                    Icing fired/unfired
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1345945709.918836.jpg
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                    Click image for larger version

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                      My new little probable female, unfired. She fires to a black base. Excuse the shed, she got a sonna right after. (:

                      Click image for larger version

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                        A couple of unfired Bellatrix photos (she's my weirdo)

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	430414_10151347349575232_1073933148_n.jpg
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ID:	1057879

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	181469_10151755670660232_1060442845_n.jpg
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ID:	1057880

                        Just an FYI, clicking the photos makes them larger
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                          I love all of these!! Panchi, Diva, Nero, Skitters, Icing, Bellatrix, Reptifoot's most-likely-a-lady. All looking stellar in their daywear! But Everest - OMG!!! I am in love with that unfired hunk a' burning love (or I guess, non-burning...since he is unfired & all!!).
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                            Oh I like Ving!

                            I don't have a lot of 'fired down' pics but this one is on my hard drive. I like Potpie fired down
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                              I actually prefer some of my geckos' colors unfired over fired! Here's a few I could find pics of...

                              Nightshade unfired

                              Oliander, who basically never changes color...EVER

                              and Bracken, another that hates to fire up..guess he's just a laid back kinda guy
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