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Mom's Brag Book - Venus x Zipper & babies! (DUW)

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  • Mom's Brag Book - Venus x Zipper & babies! (DUW)

    I'm sure you all have that pair whose babies just make your heart go aflutter? There is just something about my Venus x Zipper babies that tug at the heartstrings and makes them very difficult to part with.

    Zipper - 38g male
    He has the strangest coloration, it is absolutely beautiful... this is him fired up!

    I love to play with his adorable floppy head, and look at those big eyes - they melt my heart!

    Perfectly pinstriped creamy dorsal... yum yum!

    Did someone say laterals? Wait, who dripped bleach on his head? lol

    Venus - 38g female
    Cream anyone? Her dorsal gets whiter than this!

    She's as sweet as she is pretty, such a pleasure to have in my collection.

    Oh girl, you're such a lovely goof...

    Now on to the remaining babies! Not sure which of these I will be keeping...

    Petersen - 2.3 grams

    Yang - 3.4 grams

    Bananarama - 2.5 grams

    Kewpee - 4.9 grams (doesn't get much darker than this - for now)

    Thanks for looking!
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    *runs outside to stare at sky for pigs*

    Imma help you out with the baby-keeping decision. I'll just take them ALL...


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      Is that really as dark as Zipper gets? That's crazy.
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        One of my favorite pairings. I love Yang!
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          Awesome pairing, Angie!
          I love Kewpie! You can send him my way if you plan on letting him go
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            Thanks for the great comments, as you can tell I'm pretty smitten with them myself!

            Originally posted by insaneglitchx View Post
            Is that really as dark as Zipper gets? That's crazy.
            Yup, I've never seen him darker. It's like his dark "outlined" areas just get darker, as in the photos. He's a cool dude!

            Originally posted by CrowTRobot View Post
            Awesome pairing, Angie!
            I love Kewpie! You can send him my way if you plan on letting him go
            Thank you, but I can’t take full credit for the pairing. I purchased them as a pair -- but of course that doesn’t stop me from being proud of the babies they produce!


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              If Laura's stealing all your babies, then I'm stealing Yang and Kewpie from her.
              The name Stella fills me with dread.
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                Oh my GOD. I love all four of these babies!
                If no one claims Bananarama, Yang, or Peterson - I'm all for either one of those
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                  Lovely babies! They're all so cute!
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                    I'll arm wrestle Will and Ansli for Yang! LOL.

                    I love Zipper! Id love to see baby pix of him if you happen to have any, and pigs will be flying again tomorrow LOL
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                      Originally posted by WillC View Post
                      One of my favorite pairings. I love Yang!
                      Hey Will. Pigs Have Flown, ergo, it's your turn to do some pic-posting.


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                        I have 3 zipper x Venus babies and they are absolutely stunning. I will post pics later or they are on my I herp as sashimi, Saturn and spectra. Saturn is sold and waiting to ship and I'm keeping the other two. They have huge heads, amazing colors, awesome laterals and are just plain gorgeous babies.


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                          Oh the pinners just tug on my heartstrings. <3 Pretty little babes you got there


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                            I can see why! They are beautiful.
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