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    Thanks so much to Gary Hamann, I am now the proud owner of two very special geckos I've had my eye on for years now and a bonus! After a couple of years of difficulties causing me to miss out on quite a few opportunities to claim some of the incredibly beautiful offspring from this pair, I'm thrilled to have the two adults especially in my collection.

    I hope Gary will forgive me for changing the names, as I'm stuck on food names - but in Gary's honor (hahaha) I've gone with cheese names for them. Yay Wisconsin!

    First is the kid from this pairing that Gary was kind enough to include. This is Bosworth:

    Next is mom, formerly known as Uno, now encheesinated with the name Crescenza:

    She's ready to do some stretches straight out of the box!

    Glowy white belly

    Finally, this handsome man didn't want his picture taken as he was in shed directly out of the box, but he did work it off for the most part. Pardon a little shed on his nails, I couldn't wait to take pics This is Pins, AKA Castellano:

    Ahaha he has a chocolate milk mustache, makes him look even more smiley:

    Those lower pins have a glow to them like reflective paint on the road at night...

    I am pretty much in love with his goofy face... he's the great wizard Geckdalf!

    ...but he's so shy about his greatness... he would never brag.

    I cannot wait to see what my projects turn out with these beauties. Thanks again Gary! & Facebook & Instagram, oh my

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    the pictures that you took look great.. good luck
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      YIPPEE!!! I am soooo excited that you finally got them... they are *** FABULOUS ***

      Put us on the list for a baby from this pair! Congrats!


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        Love the Pins x Uno combo they are looking lovely as ever!


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          Please put me on the waiting list for the babies!!! Really, put me on the waiting list


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            Crescenza is out of this world.

            I'm going to pack up my house in Canada and come live beside you!
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              Originally posted by StickyFeet. View Post
              Crescenza is out of this world.

              I'm going to pack up my house in Canada and come live beside you!
              As a collector of Canadians, I am thrilled. Also the house next door is for sale. Come on down!
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                Its good to know what lucky dog got them! I'll have to keep my eye on the trades for a full pinner baby later on!

                They will definitely help you bring your breeding plans to the next level!
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                  *jaw hits the floor*

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                    They are amazing additions to your sexy collection. Glad they went to a great home. Super Congrats!
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                      Holy geckos, batman! They're STUNNING, JB, congrats!
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                        They were certainly worth the wait! Congratulations! You are now under my radar for creaminess babies Keep us posted!
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                          dang. after seeing those pics i'm loving them even more when they were first put up for sale. if i had the near grand i would've snagged them. i didn't realize how creamy/white they are. i'd take one of their kids
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                            Incredible animals! Beautiful colors and overall looks
                            If only you can reproduce those colors, just awesome!!


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                              You are probably going to become the owner of ALL my favorite geckos in the world. Every one of them- you already have a buttload!

                              You have like... a lineup of allstar geckos.
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