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Petco shopping trip...not a good idea. :D DUW

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  • Petco shopping trip...not a good idea. :D DUW

    Well...yeah. Went to petco for some fruit flies, left with a betta and a mouse... but I took a picture of a amazing male creamy pinner! And there was a orange female also.. lol. I only had like $30 with me, so I couldnt get them :d

    PINNER! I named him Jeff, and one day he will ne mine!


    Lucy! She is my new mousy baby, mate for pudge whens shes old enough (dad wants to breed him, hes the most amazing gecko in the world!! He love to kiss :B)


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    I am stupid, I meant mouse, not![/CENTER]


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      In the last pic, is that a little turd?? Haha. Cool fish


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        Yes happens, we all know what you do when you get excited of being let out of your cage[/CENTER]


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          And suddenly, the mouse escapes into the car and eats the wiring! Kidding.



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            HAHAHAH! Thanks syn Shes happy in her new cage now, living it up. Its POURING here, so shes a bit afraid. She loves her little hides I made her though


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              Nice pinner at Petco.

              Im not sure if mice are like rats, but after like 6 months, if female rats haven't need bred their pelvic bones fuse where they can't safely have babies. At least that's what I have read. Mice come into season quick though, like within a few months of age.

              What will you do with the babies?


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                Thanks! I kinda want him :B

                Yeah, its 8 months for mice, and like 11 months for a rat or so. Males can breed till they die, lol. But the older, the less babies in general.

                I will be keeping all the babies (if there are only like 5 or so), she’s maybe 2 months Id say, I will quarantine her for a month then I will breed her. Dad just wants to have more mice with the temperment of pudge and this one, lol. This is a older male too, so with my educated guess, I can say we will have only a few babies. Even if we get a ton, my Petco takes them in for free.


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                  If you wind up with too many babies, you can always pawn them off as snake food. :P Hah, it is a really cute mousy tho.