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The Most Prized of My Collection (Red Female)

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  • The Most Prized of My Collection (Red Female)

    This is my overall most prized of all of my collection, a red bicolor female. She's actually redder than what I can capture on camera, but these pictures come /fairly/ close.
    I lob her to pieces.

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    She's a beauty! Where did you get her? What's her name?
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      Thank you. I got her at the White Plains Reptile Expo from a small time breeder last year (the name of the guy escapes me now, I don't think he even had a card on him)

      Her name is Akai pronounced means red in Japanese.

      BTW: I /MAY/ be selling her and the rest of my collection in the near future if I move to California in 2011
      keyword being MAYBE.


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        She's a beauty! Awwwwwwwh that would suck to sell all of them if you move keep me in mind. I need all the females I can get! I was born in White Plains, NY hehehe that's awesome
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          Shes stunning
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            nice red..i like the name too..