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  • Tabby

    This is tabby. Im not sure if she fires darker then this but she is starting to show white on the sides and back already. Cant wait to see her as a adult. Ayways enjoy.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at her. She is gonna be one fantastic female.

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    Shes so pretty. I just love her pattern!
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      Love her pattern! She's gonna look amazing when she gets older!
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        oh wow shes gonna be a looker!
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          Nice pics Aaron, you caught the white blotches on her better than I could. Yeah, she's a strange one and I really expect her to be a cool adult. She's got more white at this stage than others I've raised, but she doesn't seem to want to fire up dark like her siblings. She has more of a pastel look right now. Either way, please keep me posted on her progress as I'm very curious how she'll progress.

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            I think im addicted to these 2. I just cant stop taking pics of them lol. One leg dose fire up dark but thats about it. If you look close you can see her one dark leg. Lol. If she stays that pastel color I would be happy i think it looks cool. Either way im happy with her.
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              Nice pics !
              Beautiful girl !


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                gorgeous girl you've got there! i love how the pattern gets really thick by the tail and on the lower half of looks like the orange is spreading...very nice
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                  So very precious! I can see why you named her Tabby. She reminds me of a pretty little calico kitten!!

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