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Old Faithful- The gecko, the myth, the legend

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  • Old Faithful- The gecko, the myth, the legend

    here she is:

    shes is the ciliatus that started it all! She was my first crested, and reamins my favorite herp! She is the super chill pudge nugget that is just the most lovable bucket of butter I have ever seen! She is just the all around best gecko! Without her, I would not be into keeping/breeding herps!

    Need I say more?

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    I love Old Faithful! The first is always the most important I think, and I'll certainly hold onto my first forever as well.

    You're Old Faithful is so photogentic! I wish I had your talent for photos!
    ~ Dorothy ~

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      Looks great as always
      Derek Dunlop
      Croc's Rule- Steve Irwin


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        haha just remember this, the camera takes the pictures, I press the little button!

        she is the only gecko in my collection with a name. I dont name my geckos, the names develope themselves. If I try to name a gecko, by morning I will have forgotten it, but "old faithful" just kinda appeared!


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          Great gecko, I do love her colouring!
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            What i love it, your geckos are incredible!!!
            Mikhail kujawa


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              She is great..........very expressive!!!