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    The forums have been growing so fast that I thought we should have a seperate Gecko Meet And Greet forum. That way the important gecko topics don't get buried under all the new gecko introductions, random pics, and other similar posts. I also hope this will encourage everyone to continue to post pics of their geckos without feeling like they are crowding the forums.

    Thanks and I hope you all enjoy!!!

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    Lol...Love it! Already started threads with Pangea bloodline cresties! Thought that would be the best way to introduce!

    ~ Dorothy ~

    4.7 Crested Gecko ~ 2.0.1 Chahoua ~ 0.1 Gargoyle
    1.2 Leopard Gecko ~ 1.0 Bearded Dragon ~ 1.1 Pictus
    1.0 Anole ~ 1.0 Box Turtle ~ 1.0 Tree Frog


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      Hey good idea matt! i just got in from a night out (time diff) and found this little beauty awaiting me!
      I'm sure everyone loves showing off their new Geckos so now they dont have to feel embarassed by 'crowding' the other section!

      Whites tree frogs
      Crested Geckos
      Rhacodactylus chahoua


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        I will certainly feel less guilty of my picture happiness!! Great idea Matt! I actually was like oh sh.. how long has that been there? lol
        ~ Cheers,Mandy


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          Hey, glad you guys like the idea! Now lets see your pictures...............