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Whats the largest on record crested gecko? See Video...

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    Beautiful cresties.

    If I was ever to start breeding cresties would not mind adding some of those genetics in.

    On side note I tried making mixed beefheart for my fishes once and ruined the blender in process
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      Per request, I uploaded a new vido of Big Mama in a better lit room. I think she is easier to see outside of the dark gecko room. The video is on my "flip" video, I purchased the cheaper version. You get what you pay for I guess. The quality isnt the greatest. The light in this room blows her out almost............

      She has loose skin around her neck and front arms, as do all my others that are older than 4-5. Even the ones who weigh in the 40's......... I have chalked this up to age. I am no scientist, or crested gecko skin expert. I can only make assumptions based on what I see on MY geckos.The skin is thin and loose, not plump or full of fat. This has formed on at least half of my older adults. Keep in mind I have feed Repashy diet for several years, clarks, and then I have used my own "reciepe" for the past 7 months.If anyone else has older geckos that could chime in on their appearance, I am all ears. I have also noticed the older adults loose some of their color brightness beyond 5 my opinion. Breeder adults.

      Anyways, I will get back to all the store videos I am supposed to be uploading to youtube for my webmaster. Any more requests, feel free to pm me.

      Here is the link:


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        Alyssa Collins has a female that's 100.4 grams last time she weighed her I just went and seen her yesterday she's huge! And it's not that she's fat or over weight she's just huge. Like her head can fit a silver dollar on it and then it looks like a quarter instead of a silver dollar
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