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  • Queen Tar-Tara

    Hi All

    I bought another gecko!! I'm blaming Mss. Kiwi for this purchase! :-) She just had to show off her beautiful Starburst.

    I got this girl from Gary over at Ridge and Valley Reptiles and as you can see for yourself, he's got quality geckos!!

    Her pinstripes form a beautiful crown so I named her Queen Tar-Tara after a character on the Thundercats that froze Lord Lion-O with her beauty.

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    Wowee!!! Gorgeous!
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      Love the pinstripe. Very nice looking gecko.
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        I knew that little one would not last long...I saw it on Valley and Ridge's website....I considered it too but I have two more on hold already..

        Oh and of course I love her name!!!

        Beautiful gecko! Crested Geckos
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          Looking good Antonio,

          Another example of a buyer's photos surpassing my own. Glad you're happy with her. If I had an unrelated male that was a good match for her, I might just have held her back. The contrast of the white pinstripes against the orange dorsal really stands out. Keep me updated on how she produces for you.

          Gary Hamann
          Ridge and Valley Reptiles


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            Oh my! What a beautiful crestie!!!
            Great name too- My name is Tara, and I'm a thundercats fan ^_^ hehe
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              Thanks everyone!! Im not planning on breeding her till next year, but I will keep you guys posted on her.


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                man and I just found out my pinner was male and thinkin to myself now I need to get a female and I see her, im gonna come steal her!
                lets just say I have a lot of stuff