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    Just got this unsexed juvie from a friend of mine a few weeks ago. Thought I'd share some pictures..

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    WOW Beautiful colors! I am new also to the forum about 2 weeks now. WARNING the little guys are addicting. First I had none then I had 2 know I have 4.
    Your pics turned out great. Any pointers?
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      Yeah I know what you mean, I've been considering getting another for a few days now, not sure if I have enough room though. The first shot was just using the in camera flash, but the other shots I set up some of my lighting equipment to get some neat night shots.. It's a hobby of mine so the only pointer I can really give is get a nice dSLR and experiment with different lighting techniques. Thanks for the reply!


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        Whoa baby. You are pretty talented at taking photos.
        I like your crestie's head structure. He looks like he has a shorter snout than most. That's SO cute.


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          Oh wow that almost look like a halloween, sweet.