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My new adult CGs are finally here :)

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  • My new adult CGs are finally here :)

    Ive been saving up for this purchase of 2.4 adult Crested Geckos from a friend and finally got to pick them up yesterday. Im soooo stoked! Dan already picked out his favorite on the way home, Bella. Im partial to Marly because I LOVE her chocolate and cream coloring. (MUCH better in person let me tell you!) The boys will probably be replaced with a black or dark chocolate flame or harley for all except Bella. Bella is going to go with the rusty red male I already have here for next years breeding season. She is already producing eggs from a breeding earlier in the year so that project will have to wait til next year. Bella has some amazing orange tiger stripes on a creamy yellow body with dorsal cream flames and a few hints of pinning. She produced a full pin last year. Goldy and Marly produced the juveniles I have for sale now, and Bella produced Felipe, a young female, last year.

    On to the pics! These are not fabulous, I hope to get better ones of them later on.



    Bella's beau for next year, Tab


    Marly (fires up really nice, deep chocolate and cream, some pinning)

    Urlacher, male who fires up a dark olive color

    Sampson, young male

    Anja Buffalo

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    You have some great geckos! Bella is my favorite. She looks great! So does her enclosure. XD What is that branch that does this ~~~~ off to the left? Where id dyou get it??


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      Some very pretty cresteds there. I like Bella too she looks quite a big girl.
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        I love them all! They all have great colors! I am very partial to the greens and browns. Though I do still like the red and orange coloration that most people go crazy for.
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        I still only have one! :-o


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          Thanks everyone. The wavy stick is Monkey Ladder (google it for more info) I have found them at Walmart and Hobby Lobby.
          Anja Buffalo


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            Bella is beautiful. Good deal.
            It's a popcorn season!


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              That monkey vine is awesome. A local greenhouse I had a relationship with carried them, but then stopped. I think Black Jungle did for a period of time as well. Good to see they're back!


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