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Dragontown's Neons (DUW)

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  • Dragontown's Neons (DUW)

    Hey folks,

    I was going through Photobucket and thought I'd do a little collage of the Dragontown Neons so it would be documented as to how these animals look. I tried to get as many appearances as possible.... so enjoy!


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    Show off!
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      i agree your a show off lol thay are all amazing.
      Give me geckos or give me snakes either way i will be happy
      2.1.2 R. Ciliatus
      1.0.0 Eublepharis macularius


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        Dont be alarmed when at the next reptile show all the lights shut off and your geckos are gone when they come back on


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          Absolutely stunning!

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          Eggs currently in incubation: 8


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            I will certainly be coming to you for a male once my neon female is full grown :]
            Your geckos are amazing!


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              yeah yeah showing off three of my kids parents i need to send u some new pics.. now that we're all settled in.

              but thye look awesome..
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                Thank you all..... now thew funny thing is...... hatchlings look as bland as can be and people at the shows generally go for animals that ALREADY look pretty, so it's hard to move Neon offspring at an expo unless it is to anyone that has an appreciation fot the fact that it takes a while for crested geckos to show "adult colors". I sell so many more of these online than at a show. Guess I have to hold 'em back until they look all sparkly so the average folk can appreciate. I even bring pics of the parents and once even BROUGHT the parents to put on display! The pet-buying public doesn't get it!