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Top notch red harley, creamsicle, & yellow harley pin!!

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  • Top notch red harley, creamsicle, & yellow harley pin!!

    Yes yes I know more pics but I cant help it, I have been really motivated to take new pics, and I having fun doing it! Anyways, here are 3 nice cresteds that I am very pleased with, first up is a 3-4 month old juvie red harley, I love his/her solid back pattern, in the 2nd pic is my sub adult male creamsicle that will be breeding next year, and my virgin ready to breed female yellow extreme harley pin!! Enjoy the pics!!

    and yes I have one more entry, it is another yellow pin I produced that is about 4-5 months old, not related to the yellow pin above, she was purchased a few months back.

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    wow love the red harly...and the creamsicle....stunning
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      Woah, love that red harley! But I'm a sucker for solid backs.

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        They are all very nice geckos!!!
        John Barkowski
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          Beautiful geckos, that creamsicle one is especially good lookin
          Derek Dunlop

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            Wow! Very nice geckos. They look awesome.


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              Very nice .......... I like them all!!!