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  • Some more Photos!!

    Here is Dali. Dali is our very first Crested Gecko(Flame Marker Dalmatian). He is also our main Stud Male. We actually obtained him at a pet store(World of Pets) by trading an 03 Gopher Snake.....(yeah, I know). But after him, our addiction exploded.
    Lightly fired up.

    Another side.

    Now I know alot of people are not going to agree with this photo. But Dali wanted to jump, so I tried to catch him and this the result, and he decided to hang this way for a moment.

    And here we have "Ok, I'm done."

    And here is a cool egg shot I thought I should share.

    Let me know what ya think.
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    For some reason the first photo would not load here.


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      ha! i liked that jumping/falling shot, laughed out loud when i saw it, good catch!


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        I have to say you took a bit of a chance cutting the egg like that, I am presuming the egg was already slit by the hatchling, nice pics of cresty though.
        11.20. ? - R. ciliatus.
        2.2.1 - R. chahoua.
        2.2. - R sarasinorum.
        1.5 - R auriculatus.
        1.1 - R. leachianus leachianus Mt Kogis.


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          what came out of that egg? cool pic!
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            Actually the reason for the egg cutting is that it wouldn't hatch. Was still born.