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Sunlight Filtering Foliage Wall within Vivarium?

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  • Sunlight Filtering Foliage Wall within Vivarium?

    I'm planning a vivarium for a Crested Gecko. The enclosure will be between 24"-36" high, about 24" wide and minimal depth.

    The back of the enclosure will be in front of a window with semi-open shades that block some of the direct sunlight. I'd like to take advantage of the natural sunlight by using a plant within the enclosure to form a wall along the back for blocking much (but not all) of the light into the rest of the enclosure. I would also like the plant to consume "minimal" internal enclosure depth.

    I'm considering three options...

    1) A row of Sansevieria or similar

    2) A row of dense climbing vines (Creeping Charlie/Ficus pumila Quercifolia/Creeping Fig/Shingle Plant?)

    3) A "waterfall" of dense vines (Peperomia/Dischidia Ruscifolia?) planted above, hanging down from across the top

    I'm aware one concern is the Crested Gecko will want to climb such a plant wall, and some plants might not be up to the task.

    Anyone try some of these options for this purpose? Any recommendations?