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  • Lantern Terrarium Build

    I have a Large Lantern “Terrarium” that I want to use for a Crestie (don’t have one yet) I could use a little help. The usable space is 11x11x24. With the Hood on it stands a bout 30 inches tall. I would like to use a Bio-Active substrate along with live plants. What I was originally hoping for was some sort of ivy wall in the back where I could incorporate a hide of some sort. The base would have a low growing fern/ground cover. Then I would like some kind of flowering plant to rise up through the middle. I was thinking orchid would be nice but I believe they are too delicate.

    Any recommendations on what light to use in this type setup? I was thinking some sort of full spectrum Led Puck light if there is such a thing. Not sure of wattage either.

    What plants would you recommend that would work with your recommended light?

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    That tank sounds nice but not for an adult crestie -- it's too small. If you're dead set on using this tank, a smaller kind of lizard, such as Eurydactylodes, would be more appropriate.
    3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)


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      Thanks for the heads up. I probably should have clarified that I wasn’t planning on keeping an adult in it. There will be a larger enclosure once it out grows it. I will definitely keep Eurydactylodes in mind for when it’s no longer in use. Thanks


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        The leaves of Phalaenopis orchids stand up well to cresties jumping, lying, and crawling on them. If a flower stalk is supported, it would probably do OK as well. (A Phalaenopsis under good conditions can bloom up to every other year. Once these orchids have flowered, you can often get them for $5 or so).
        3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)


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          A purple Phalaenopis would be perfect if I can workout the lighting.

          Would your recommend 5k or 6500k light spectrum?

          I did a test with a 10 Watt (actual) CFL that I had laying around. Temps showed 71 at the Base and 86 up in the hood. House temp was 70.

          I think temps are good but that’s only 400 lumens which I wasn’t sure if that would be strong enough for a Planted Viv.