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Making A Crestie Background w/ Water Feature

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  • Making A Crestie Background w/ Water Feature

    Hi! I am planning on making a carved rock style background for my crestie vivarium. It is going to have a feeding ledge built in, small drained planters for air plants, and a small "river" water feature. I am planning to make it using foam board and spray foam, and it will be attached to the tank using neodymium magnets so that I can remove it when needed. I have a few questions but when I have searched for answers I just got confused since everyone seems to have their own method. So I am asking my questions here:

    1) What type of spray foam should I use? Should I use the regular kind or the pond and stone version?

    2) Would acrylic paint be safe to use on the foam to give it a more realistic look?

    3) What sealant should I use? I need it to be waterproof since I mist daily and I will have a water feature. I am willing to use silicone to seal the water feature but I don't want to use it on the entire background.

    I would prefer it if I could find everything I need at Ace Hardware since I work there and get a discount, but I am willing to shop around too. Thanks in advance!
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    1. the pond and stone version is black which is nice, but you can use the regular gaps and cracks. Red can yellow top.
    2. I am not positive on this one, but I have used acrylic paint. I'm an artist (in my spare time) and once acrylic is dry, it is just like plastic.
    3. GE 100% silicone I or II. I like the brown.

    Good luck, and you should post your progress!

    btw, some people say you should only use GE I silicone. I referenced this post by Josh's Frogs:
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