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Humidity Keeps Going Down - Tips?

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  • Humidity Keeps Going Down - Tips?


    I just got my first crested gecko a few days ago, hes still very young but I think he's doing very well (eating some, sleeping normally, etc). He is in a 10 gallon tank with some moss and paper towels covering the bottom (I read this helps to see if he's pooping).

    I have him in the warmest room in my house, which is constant at about 73 degrees, but I can't seem to keep the humidity up. My house is very dry, especially in the winter, and I have to mist his tank multiple times a day to keep it at 60%. I go to check on him every few hours and the humidity is always around 40%, so I spray again.

    I live in Virginia, and we only have this problem in the winter. Any tips on keeping it steady in his tank? Would a humidifier be too much? (its a very small room, which is why its so warm). I put a towel over half of his tank which seemed to help a little bit, but from what I'm reading I shouldn't be spraying it so often.

    If you guys have any tips, I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

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    cover half of the top with plastic wrap. If it's still not holding enough humidity then cover a bit more. I find its better to do that rather then keep soaking it down all the time. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that they're not frogs.