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  • Attaching a Hide

    Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I posted here last, so my apologies if any formatting is weird (I'm also posting from mobile).

    I'm making a little hide-esque thing for my crestie to sit in (really just a small plastic tupperware filled with moss) but I was wondering how I should go about attaching it to the wall of his terrarium.

    I want it to be removable, so I was thinking I could attach a couple suction cups to one side, or maybe a strong magnet. Any tips on what would be the best method of going about this? Would something like hot glue work to stick the suction cups/magnet on the tupperware itself?

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
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    I think it makes sense to try the magnet first since it doesn't require gluing or other action. You can buy a few magnets from the place that makes the magnetized ledges and try one on the inside of the hide and one on the outside of the enclosure. If it doesn't work, you could try the suction cup (but they often slip after awhile and have to be re-attached).



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      What I found worked pretty well was a corner shower soap dish or kitchen sink soap dish with suction cups. Walmart and dollar stores often carry them very inexpensively, and because there is ventilation, whatever you put in it (I used sphagnum moss), it didn't mold or have to be changed frequently.
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