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Reusing a Bioactive Setup?

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  • Reusing a Bioactive Setup?

    If you created a naturalistic bioactive setup (with a carved landscape and all the works) and used it for one animal, what's the protocol for after the animal is no longer using it?
    Ex. If you had a gecko in a bioactive setup and you moved them to a larger enclosure, could you reuse the bioactive terrarium for a different animal?
    Is there a certain amount of time you'd have to wait? Would you have to uproot all your plants and replace the soil and cleanup crew? Would you have to tear it all down and start fresh?

    It should be noted that I'm only considering the scenario of moving a healthy animal out of the bioactive setup. Not a sick animal or an animal who's died.

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    I don't see why you wouldn't be able to! Especially if they are a similar species. But if you are going from gecko to a delicate amphibian I would be wary.


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      Hi personally I do not feel there is any significant problem recycling your bioactive set-up providing you are happy that the animal leaving this viv is healthy & thriving & that the animal going into the set up is also well & thriving ideally similar or same species. Also that your clean-up crew are working well. I would probably want to leave it 2-4 weeks before adding the new animal into that setup I would clear up any visible soiling on viv sides etc. I would heavily spray plants fixtures down too. Personally I would probably add some fresh substrate on top to minimise scent from previous animal. However I would never risk buying a second hand bioactive setup as you have no idea how this has been functioning or what animals for sure were in their & the health of those.
      This is just my opinion, I so have bioactive set ups for some of my geckos & I move males into female vivs for breeding without any issues.
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