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I need help with lighting and heat!

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  • I need help with lighting and heat!

    I have an adult male crestie in a 20 gallon long tank. My room is cold all year round, so I'm looking for the best possible way to heat my tank during the day. I also don't get much natural sunlight (I live in a basement) so I also need a light for my gecko during the day. I currently have the zoo med daylight blue reptile bulb that's 40 watts, above my tank. A person at my nearest reptile store recommended it but I know I should do my own research. It says it gives heat, daylight and UVA. Am I missing something? my tank temp reads between 60-70 degrees but I'm still concerned it's too cold, I don't know how accurate my thermometer is. The humidity is always between 70-80, I mist the tank twice a day. Is that okay? The article says it needs to be 100 at night? Another question I have is what light I can use during the night that won't interfere with my geckos night cycle, I don't want to disturb him but I'd much rather have some sort of light then sleep in pitch black. Sorry this is long, I just want whats best for my gecko.

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    Not sure about a night light, I don't use one personally. As for lights that give off heat, the Jungle Dawn LED bulbs I use in my vivarium give off plenty of heat combined with the exo terra compact fluorescent hood I use. I had to modify it with a 120mm PC case fan to try and actively vent heat away from the enclosure (I live where it's hot all the time). I have little doubt that you could either add some mylar or even a fan to blow hot air into your enclosure with the same fixture and raise your temps.


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      thanks for the help


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        You can use an LED for light and a CHE (ceramic heat emitter) for heat. Use the blue light for night-time viewing (NOT RED, they can see red and that would mess up their day/night cycle), or just keep a dim nightlight on somewhere in the room, under a table or around the corner, which provides a little bit of light but is not pitch black. 80% humidity is fine, but there should be a drying-off period to 50-60% during the day. Maybe only mist at night and see how it goes.
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          thank you so much! that was very helpful. the led and ceramic heat emitter are 2 separate things that hang over the enclosure? what do u think about using a heat mat?


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            The heat mats IMO do not help much. Due to the frigid temps in the Midwest right now I am using a 40 watt Ceramic heat emitter. Genally use a 25 watt. My gecko is in a finished basement which is lower temp than main floor so in Winter I absoutely need a heat source. Basement is around 66 degrees and my Geckos tank with the 40 watt CHE is 72 degrees.