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Do I need to refresh the springtails in my bioactive tank after a while?

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  • Do I need to refresh the springtails in my bioactive tank after a while?

    It's been almost a year since I set up my bioactive tank my gecko Taterina lives in. I've noticed I don't see springtails except hiding under objects that trap mosture underneath, but before I would see them on the surface. And I don't see them crawling around in the drainage layer anymore, but I do see what I think is mold spores there and this is making me think there aren't enough springtails anymore. Is it normal to have to refresh the clean up crew over time?

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    some times a colony can experience a die off. Your springtails may have not been bred very well and the older folks kicked the bucket before the younger generation could catch up. Your substrate isn't compacted heavily is it? It can get difficult for these guys to live in compacted substrate. Also, have you been feeding them or is there a good supply of decaying plant matter in the tank? Remember these guys feed off mold and decaying plant matter as well as the gecko poop, but one little gecko turd isn't enough to feed a whole colony, they need substitute. Easiest is pure brewers yeast. sprinkle some in, mist it, over the next few days it will mold over and your springtails will LOVE it.

    Unless something unfortunate happens, you shouldn't need to 'refresh' your culture (although adding some 'new blood' is never a bad thing). I've had the same colony of springtails in my gargoyle's tank for about 2 years now P:

    If you want to add more to the tank, theres no harm, the mold growing in your substrate will be good food, but if you want I'd go find some brewers yeast and if you haven't been doing it already, I'd add some extra food for em.
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