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    TBD (formerly Hygge), is still quite skittish, and was living up to his new name yesterday (Tiny Badass Dragon). Sometimes I still have a really hard time catching him when I want to clean his tank. Yesterday I tried the toilet paper roll trick - getting him to go in that while blocking one end with my hand, and then putting the whole thing in a Gladware container while I cleaned. Worked like a charm. And so easy to let him back into the tank when done. I did the same thing for TAD, although he was already in a cork tube, so I just picked that up and put it in the Kritter Keeper - no problem.

    I also weighed TBD while he was in there; he's gained 3 grams since I got him last April. Not a lot, but at least he's growing. I ordered a package of 25 dubias to see if both geckos will eat them. But shipping time is running out before our cold winters, and I don't really trust buying them from the pet stores - most of them are dead in their containers, from what I can tell. Anyway, without having to keep a colony as I think that would probably be a bit much for just two geckos, any suggestions for a good place to get them? has already stopped shipping for the season.
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    I think I mentioned in the other thread that I've gotten my dubias from and have been very happy with them. Glad to hear your geckos are getting easier to handle!
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      I bought my colony starters on Amazon for a great price from West Coast Roaches. I contacted them immediately with my order info and asked to sign for the package so they wouldn't be left in the cold. I got them last December and only 1 of 100 was dead and my colony is thriving.
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