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Ledges not made of foam?

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  • Ledges not made of foam?

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this. Sorry if it should be somewhere else! I have been looking around for some realistic looking ledges as well as an elevated feeder for my crestie. He seems to get nervous when he is eating from his food bowl on the ground and is very active so I was thinking he would like more places to move around. However, all the magnetic ledges I can find seem to be made of foam or don't mention what material they are made of (can't stand the noise foam makes). I was wondering if there is anywhere that sells ledges that are not made of foam or glued to the glass in a way that prevents them from being removed for cleaning purposes. So far all my searches have come up empty.

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    Pangea sells an acrylic ledge that might be more to your liking.
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