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Anyone have any of the magnaturals magentic ledges or hideaways?

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  • Anyone have any of the magnaturals magentic ledges or hideaways?

    Anyone have any of the magnaturals earth color, magentic ledges or hideaways and could you post some pictures? Some images I see online of the earth color looks really fake, some look good. Also how do they hold up? I just read they are styrofoam. Are they coated or are they as fragile as the exo terra foam backgrounds?


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    Here's my feeding ledge....

    Click image for larger version

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    The color is pretty close to real life. It's kind of a medium, rocky brown. They are a bit spendy, but I like it a lot. It's not at all flimsy, it's made of a hard plastic and seems sturdy. I know some folks get the optional third magnet. I didn't, but I figure I can always add one later if I think it needs it.



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      Ics - I think the one you have (in the photo) is the Pangea brand (I have the same one and love it, and I do use the 3rd magnet which works well).

      I also have a Magnaturals ledge, but it is just a ledge, doesn't have a feeder in it, and it's charcoal grey. It looks really nice and has been very sturdy (magnets are strong too), but it is made of coated styrofoam. Since I just got mine a few months ago, I'm not sure how long it will hold up, but so far it's been fine and is easy to clean.
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        Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I have that one in the picture, is a Pangea brand and plain black. I just wish they had a solid one (no holes) like that in a "Earth" or granite color that is made of plastic.

        Good to know the magnaturals are coated at least. I just seen some videos on making DIY ledges, I might try that first and see how it goes.



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          Can you not just purchase a Pangea ledge and flip it over? Just saying, it's what I do.
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