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Gargoyle gecko sitting in pot.

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  • Gargoyle gecko sitting in pot.

    I added one small potted plant to a gargoyle gecko tank and now this is her preferred place to sit at night it seems. I moved her and she went right back to sit in the pot. What does this mean?...Would she prefer to be on dirt substrate or does she like to be next to a live plant?.
    After the incident with one of my crested geckos developing pica for eco earth, I stopped switching the tanks over to eco earth. So most of the gecko tanks are setup with reptile carpet.

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    Well i add a ficus and now she sleep and stay in that area ....but during night she travel" in all terrarium ....i think they prefer live plants. Btw afther i switch from paoer towel to plantation soil my crested never sleeps into the ground hideouts anymore.....


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      I wonder if she prefers the humidity of the microclimate around the plant.

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