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What suction cups/magnets to choose for food ledges?

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  • What suction cups/magnets to choose for food ledges?

    So that's pretty much it; what sort of weight target should I have when choosing suction cups or magnets? Gecko weight (whether single or double depending on cage size) plus the filled cups plus the holder material (Foam and grout) plus...I dunno, another 50g for a margin of error? What are the pros/cons of each? I don't know how the magnets perform in the humid environment of a daily-misted gecko cage.

    I really like that Pangea makes secure, dependable ledges, but they seem so expensive for what they are. Especially the acrylic ledges which are just bent and routed sheet plastic.

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    Honestly I think the prices are pretty fair and they look nice, I know I couldn't make one myself that would look that nice, I don't know about you. A lot of people use those soap holders with suction cups that you use for your kitchen sink. Depends what you want exactly.

    Suction cups work just fine. As far as magnets you just gotta make sure they are strong. Use some pretty hefty rare earth magnets and you should be fine, plus some silicone or something to provide grip so it doesn't slide, just in case. Idk if that answers your question really.


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      I think Pangea sells the exact magnets they use in their ledges, which should work for any DIY ledges.
      My vivariums!


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        I'm a little weird; I make natural history dioramas for a day job so I have more know-how than average making realistic faux stone and that kind of thing. I would always recommend the Pangea ledges to someone wanting one ready-to-use, I just can't help myself when it comes to some kinds of DIY. I love making stuff. <3

        Thanks to both of you guys, you gave me great answers. Especially the silicone tip and that Pangea sells their own magnets.


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          Well i create by nyself a magnetic ledge with one hideout for my gecko. I must buy the magnets and will be complete. I.ll post some photos this days to see it if courious