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Have a 50 gallon tank - need ideas for a lid if I do separate compartments

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  • Have a 50 gallon tank - need ideas for a lid if I do separate compartments

    So I have crested geckos. Currently all in their own respective areas. I would like to take three of them, and move them into this big 50 gallon tank I got.

    I wanted to make it so I could raise the top on each section separately, obviously if I took the entire lid off to clean one area, the other guys could escape. I didn't know if there is someplace that does things like this or even if someone could point me in the right direction to fabricate a lid of my own?

    I would like to put my female into the center section, with my two males on either side. My thought was, during breeding season, I could pull the divider between the female and ONE of the males for a certain amount of time. That would allow them to breed, but also still maintain their own areas for feeding/pooping/sleeping, etc.

    I would want the dividers to be solid, not clear, so that at non-breeding times they aren't super stressed by seeing each other.
    Any ideas on this?

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    I divide my smaller (front opening) tanks for my leopard gecko hatchlings by cutting a piece of plexiglass that I can wedge in as a divider. If you cover one side with contac paper, it will be opaque. The top is a little more difficult. Here's one idea:
    put pieces of wood at the top (level with the top of the tank) at your divider sites
    make 3 separate "covers" out of screen mesh bordered by velcro
    put velcro around the top of the tank and on the wood dividers
    That way you'll have one velcro and mesh cover for each area of the tank.