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  • Turning Tanks Vertically

    So im sure this has been discussed many times but searching didnt give me the answers i was looking for.
    When you turn a 10 or 20 gallon tank on its side with a screen lid what do u use to attach the lid to the tank? Also with a solid screen lid on the front is it possible to keep the humidity where it needs to be? Ive seen the vertical conversion kits but i wanted something that wasnt gonna cost $25 bucks for each lid. Just looking for a nicer, somewhat cheap alternative to sterilite tubs for my adults.

    Pics of these conversions would be appreciated too


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    Use the clips to attach the screen to top. You can purchase them in any pet store. I always put thick clear vinyl about 2/3 - 3/4 the way from the bottom on the screens for converted tanks. To fasten it puncture small holes in each corner and thread fishing line over covered wire through and tie off. If you fasten it on the outside they can still climb the mesh. Works super well. Fabric stores sell it by the yard.

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      Click image for larger version

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      Hope my image can do complex conversion like what's pictured; it involves siliconing in plexiglass or glass to create a substrate dam, then using window frame (like the kind to make window screens) to make the door and screen ventilation. Another method I've seen is also to glue velcro to the tank rim and inside of the screen top which makes sure the screen stays put even when vertical. The screen and velcro method is very affordable and secure.


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        Yeah those are the types of conversion kits I've seen being sold. I'm thinking tho instead of doing the three sections and using plexiglass like that I may just make one big door out of the window frame and screen. If it doesn't hold enough humidity I can tape off part of the screen with clear packing tape or vinyl like what was mentioned above


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          Check out this youtube video from jmhherpetology. Really simple conversion technique that forgoes a screen entirely. I haven't had a need to try this yet but I definitely will in future.

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            I have a lot of tutorials on my site. Good luck! Post pics when you're done

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              I use the clips made to hold lids on ($4.99 at my local pet shop). Then I take a small piece of wood (maybe a 1/3 inch tall) to put under the bottom front of the tank, so that I can open it up without having to lift the tank up. The wood isn't noticeable when looking at the tank, but without it you'll have a bit of difficulty opening the lid/front because it would be sitting on the shelf (I hope that made sense, lol). I have 4 tanks that I have converted just using those clips, all work great!
              Click image for larger version

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                i personally don't find a 10 or 20 gallon vertical to be suitable for an adult crested. i feel that 12 inches width and depth doesn't give them proper room to jump. cresteds rarely jump up/down.. they jump horizontally . and i feel 18" + is more appropriate. just my personal opinion and also why i feel 18x18x18 is ideally the minimum tank size for an adult


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                  I am getting ready to convert a 20H into a front opening live viv for a crested gecko I just acquired. The little crestie is still too small and is in an 8 x 8 x 12 exo viv right now until it is large enough for its permanent enclosure. Even though the 20H will have a 12 inch width it still has 16 inches of depth and 24 inches of height, which I think is fine for one crestie. I think if properly setup one gecko could flourish in a 20H turned vertically.

                  I'll post some pics of my progress and the end result and overall it's still better than putting one into a 10 gallon.