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  • Aluminum screen

    I have a ton of screening for doors and would like to know if this can be used between my hydro balls and Eco earth?

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    I don't see why not, aluminum doesn't rust.

    -ponders- however... it does corrode, but I don't know if that process will be an issue or not. I use fiberglass screening (a roll of it for ~$2 at Ace) which is what many use as a cheap alternative to the 'fancy expensive' separators sold by companies for vivariums.
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      I use mosquito netting/wedding veil material, I get it from the local fabric store. Nylon/fiberglass screening is good as well and more sturdy than netting.

      I'm not a fan of metal screens. I don't recommend aluminum, as it can leach into the surrounding substrate when wet. I have an exo terra cage with screen top, and the metal in that screen has rusted, warped and corroded in less than a year. I'd never use that stuff in substrate either.