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    Can anyone recommend good books for setting up a vivarium and the science behind everything

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    For as rapidly as the hobby is changing, you would probably be better off finding online resources. My personal go to is the forums at Dendroboard. They're dart frog people, but they know their stuff.


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      NEHERP has amazing and very detailed tutorials about setting of vivs and lighting and all that jaz.
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        one book i've read that i thought was pretty good was Natural Terrariums by Philip Purser:

        it has some good background information to explain why certain things are set up the way they are in live vivs, the underlying principles, and also it covers many types of natural set-ups, not just the tropical set-ups we use for cresteds and other rhacs. it's not as much of a "how-to" as what is available online though. it's good for having the underlying understanding, but for tutorials and how-to's, i think the NEHerp tutorials are the best.
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          I second dendroboard. The people on that forum are incredible; it was my go-to resource when I set up my live viv. Just spend a few hours reading some of the more popular threads, and I think they have a lot of good ones stickied. And NEHerp has a lot of good info too. Between those two sites you should be able to find everything you need
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