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  • 24x18x24 Exo Terra

    I recently moved across the country. Wee Gecko, of course, came with me. But, I figured, if I got a new home, it's only fair he did too. So, while I was in the process of packing up, I ordered myself a 24x18x24 Exo Terra, a 24" Current Satellite Plus fixture, and all the fixings for a planted terrarium.

    It's been setup about a month now, and Wee Gecko moved in last night. I got my order of vines this morning, and finished out the tank. Without further ado, a few pictures.

    The cork background, pre-mossing

    With moss.

    Initial Planting

    Some rearranging.

    With the addition of some live moss

    And, the final version today.

    Obviously, these were taken with a pretty terrible cellphone camera. I'll try for shots from a real camera in a few days when everything gets a little more settled, and Wee Gecko starts coming out to explore a bit more.

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    awesome setup!


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      That is a very nice tank! Your tanks have been really amazing


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        Thank you both! I'm not ENTIRELY happy with this one yet. There are a few plants I'd like to swap out. But, I may change my tune in 6 months when it's a bit more grown in. Either way, Wee Gecko seems happy with the upgrade. That's what really matters.


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          After a few months of staring at it, I decided I really wasn't happy with the final layout. A few plants have come in and over the last few months, but last night I decided it needed drastic work. So, I ripped the whole thing apart and started over.




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            Such a gorgeous enclosure! You obviously put so much work into it. I love that you decided your gecko should get a new home since you did, so sweet!


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              Thanks! It really was a matter of convenience. I was moving across the country, by plane. He was shipped 2 weeks before I left. And I got there 2 weeks before my belongings showed up. It seemed like the only way to give him a place to live for a few months while my stuff showed up. And also a great excuse to upgrade to a nice display size for our living room.


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                Fantastic job. Great examplenof a cork bark mosaic background!
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                  Thank you! It's my favorite type of background. Easy to do, looks natural, and the plants and gecko love it. I tried the GS and peat method once. I was not impressed.


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                      Excellent job! I wish I were so creative. But, you've given me some ideas for my gecko enclosures.
                      I'm sure your gecko is very happy in such a nice environment.


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                        Awesome looking enclosure! Good job. Lucky gecko!
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                          Growth has absolutely exploded in this tank over the last few months. It seems like I have to trim it back every few weeks just to keep the lower plants from being completely blocked from any lighting.

                          A few months ago, I swapped out the lighting system on the tank for a 36" 4 bulb HOT5. On the one hand, my plants are growing fabulously. On the other hand, it's a lot of light, the taller plants are getting burnt, and it's growing faster then I can hack it back. The purple waffle plant is supposed to get 6-12 inches tall. Mine is pushing 18 and counting, and that's after hacking it in half at the end of April.

                          At some point this summer, I will be replacing the t5's with LED's. Hopefully, they won't be quite as powerful, and I won't have to keep on top of trimming quite so much.

                          Snoopy is rarely visible, the plants being so thick, even 4 inches from the glass he's tucked safely on a perch obscured from view.

                          April 15, 2015

                          June 7, 2015

                          Cryptanthus Blooming

                          A pleased, hidden Snoopy.


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                            It's like a jungle in there! Grown in very nicely though I really like that trailing plant on the right, is it a Pilea species?
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                              Yes. Pilea 'baby tears'. It's growing like crazy in one of my other tanks, and I ended up clipping out a bunch of it, and threw it in here. It's doing pretty well, all things considered.