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First Terrarium, how did I do?

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  • First Terrarium, how did I do?

    I just built a living terrarium for my new crestie. I'm brand new to crested geckos but he/she seems to be enjoying it very much. I have already seen him eat too. I'm a little worried about humidity since it's so dry where I live but I'm hoping it will be okay through the night. It took me placing towels over part of the top of the cage to get it to climb. It peaked at 87 and has been dropping slightly. I have to get up early so I can check on it then as well. I have leaf litter on the bottom to avoid impaction. One thing, is I wish I had gotten a bigger cage. I ran out of space really fast. He only weighs 7 grams though, according to my less than stellar scale. Buying a new one on Friday. Advice or criticism welcome!

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    If this is a 12x12x18 it will suit the gecko for quite some time. At about 20 grams you can move to an 18x18x24 and call it permanent. Looks like a gecko haven to me! After observing and adjusting you will see any adjustments needed to make plant and space wise. That light is going to dry the tank out. Typically crested geckos don't need a heat source. If you don't have one get a digital dual gauge that measures both temp and humidity. It's a worthwhile investment when learning and takes some worry out. Enjoy your new baby! Congrats

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      The lamp is 13 watt cfl which is what I read was needed for the plants.

      I bought an acurite temp/humidity gauge from Walmart. Gives highs lows for both. Humidity topped out at 91 last night, temp dropped to 68. I removed the towels to allow drying out time today.

      I'm going to use the lamp tomorrow when I can watch it all day and make sure it doesn't get to warm or dry in the cage. I just had it turned on for the pictures last night.