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    Hey guys, I'd love to see your cages that you use. We always see exo terras and zoo meds, but what else do you guys use? Currently I have a garg in a zilla acrylic cage, a crestie in a 18x18x24 zoomed, and another crestie in a sterilite bin. I'd love to see your cage designs and maybe some other, lesser known, brands of enclosures. I am interested in any rhac enclosures: leachies, gargs, cresties, chewies, etc. Show me what you got !

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    i'm currently housing my new 9g boy in a tarantula cage:
    once he's big enough to move into the planted viv, i should have a T big enough to take over the cage.

    it's a nice size (8x8x14), acrylic, side door, cross-ventilation through the holes on the sides. my only concern is that there is zero top ventilation when stood on end for an arboreal setup, which means it holds humidity a little TOO well. i'm thinking of adding some extra air holes on top to allow some humidity to escape during the day, otherwise it's hard to get the humidity cycle down to 50-60% during the daytime. also considering switching to a reptiledge or exo-terra 8x8x12 if i still feel the daytime humidity is too high.
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      franklins tank its made by a company named reptiology i like the fact that the doors slide instead of opening its 32-26-19 and i got it for 200$
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        I have a 12x12x18 ReptiLedge acrylic. It's nice. Very light and holds humidity well. I have my crestie in it right now but he has made the argument to me successfully that a size upgrade is in order. So he's going in to an 18x18x18 Exo. I am very tempted to put a pair of dart frogs in the acrylic. Because i so clearly need more herps in the apartment.
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