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Urine Smell in Natural Viv before adding Crestie

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    i think the reason why Cedar is a hesitant wood for ppl is because..... if im not mistaken..... there is resin/sap within the wood that the trees produce and in the humidity I think it leaks out.... and we all know how super sticky sap/resin can be. So i'd imagine if that got on your gecko... let alone it's feet.... would be a nightmare. Though...... I'd imagine after it's been 100% dried(baked or left out in the sun to dry naturally) it would have all dried up/hardened leaving the user with no issues. idk
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      Thanks! I decided to be safe than sorry and took the nuggets out. Replaced it with some smooth rocks I had used in the viv before.


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        Hmm. I find the general hesitancy about conifer wood weird because there are tons of conifers in the forests where cresties live in the wild, including, but not limited to, araucarias such as the Norfolk Island pine, as well as podocarps. Also, cedar isn't particularly resinous. Most other conifers (pine, spruce, even hemlock) produce a lot more resin. And conifer resin, by and large, is not poisonous -- just sticky.

        I guess the "rules" need to be revised to exclude oozing conifer wood but to reflect the fact that it is otherwise OK.
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          Good question. Hope someone can give us more insight on that.