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    Pretty much as long as you boiled it for about 15 minutes or so it should be fine. I generally soak mine in hot water with a dab of bleach for 15-20 minutes, rinse them, scrub them, and dry them, and then bake them at 400-450 fahrenheit after they have dried. It's always better to be safer than sorry, you don't want mites or anything else invasive in your tank like fungus pores etc. As long as you take the time to clean them you should be fine! What kind of soil did you mix your cocofiber with?
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      can i pick up moss from outside,and boil them,dry,and put in my viv?
      the woods boiled them,because my oven doesnt work..
      so..only boiling water!!

      the soil,is an organic soil..its a greek product!(live in greece)
      i bought it from a plant exhibition..
      i dont know if it has the proper pH,but as i said before,i havent problem yet!
      (sorry 4 my english)