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    Does anyone have an idea on how to quickly, safely, and easily attach a bark background to a 12x12x18? I'd normally just use sealant or caulk, but I don't have a caulk gun and I don't particularly want to wait 48 hours since today will be the last warm day for awhile. I'll probably kist end up having to wait, but any ideas are welcome.
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    I attached mine with aquarium silicone. It's held up well and is super cheap.
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      I'll probably end up doing that. I'll just pick some up from work tomorrow.
      In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.


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        Velcro or Gorilla Glue are both quick fixes that don't require any 'airing out' time.
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          Gorilla Glue works as long as you don't get it too wet. I used it on some tub vivs awhile back to attach the screen...after several mistings it came loose. I was lucky enough that no one escaped...but now I am cautious using it in places that will get wet. Velcro does work well and allows for the back ground to be removed easily.
          I have a couple of these vivs...I don't have backgrounds in them at all..just lots of plants and branches.

          I do have one 30g viv that I did the GS background looks nice..but it was TONS of work and I spent WAY too much money. If you just want a dark background I would suggest buying yourself some 100 percent silicone in black or brown...just apply it to the OUTSIDE of the viv on the back Takes less time to dry and you don't have to worry about it affecting anything inside the viv)))

          Earth magnets are WONDERFUL too and a very quick fix if you just make a small niche to fit them into)) You can glue a bit of moss over them on the inside so they don't show.

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            I'm mostly concerned about sealing the crevices. It doesn't have trouble staying up, but it is slightly curved which is really annoying.
            In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.


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              I don't use anything, it seems to lock in when I put it into the tank

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                Hot glue is a quick fix that sticks really well to cork bark. I like the heavy duty hot glue guns, they seem to hold better than the little cheap ones. We ended up having to glue all our cork bark together in a leachie cage. Now there is 3 tubes and 2 flat pieces all glued together in one huge chunk. I have taken them apart before and found it wasn't that difficult but you could loose little pieces of the cork, not enough to bother me. You also don't have to wait very long for it to dry.

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