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  • Need Help on Ledge Building

    I just transferred my crestie into his adult tank (a 20 gallon long standing upright) and after sharing it in a reptile group it was suggested I add some ledges as right now I have a tall twisted branch, lots of fake plants, and a log hide at the bottom of the tank but the person mentioned cresties are known to fall and it's better to give them some ledges to hang out on at different heights.

    I'm more than happy to make the accommodations but not sure where to begin. Quite honestly I am not a builder but am willing to try anything and luckily have a Home Depot right down the street from me.

    If anyone could give suggestions or advice (or even better, pictures!) I would greatly appreciate it.

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    if you want a cheap (but ugly) and quick solution you can get soap dishes for 1$ from the dollar store.. they have suction cups and can be used to put food dishes in , or put substrate on to just use as a ledge for them. just the quickest and cheapest solution i could come up with as i've never tried making my own.

    here's pics of mine.. if you don't wana use it for a food dish you could just put some eco earth/soil on it or even paint it a more natural color or something a little more creative i assume


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      I make all of my own ledges using styrofoam, it's cheap easy & you can customize it to fit anywhere you want in the tank. I do different finishes for different projects, but most often they are made with the styrofoam, grout, spray paint & sealer or you can go with styrofoam, silicone & eco earth/moss. I use rare earth magnets on most of mine to hold them in place, but you could also use velcro or silicone it directly in place. Here are a couple of pics:
      This is for a Leopard Gecko, but it's the same technique (styro/grout/paint/sealer)

      This is in one of my cresties viv's

      This is a background in one of my cresties viv's where I used both paint & silicone/eco earth on the styrofoam, I can't get photobucket to work for more than a few seconds at a time so I've given up on just trying to find ledge pictures, this is the same idea, just a diff shape, lol.

      Hope this helped a bit!
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        Can I get all of these supplies from a Home Depot?