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Mold in substrate....

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  • Mold in substrate....

    Im sure someone has a simple solution to my issue....

    My tank is set up with a 2-3" layer of hydro balls, screen mesh, 2-3" layer of 50/50 organic potting soil and eco earth. Ontop of that I have been using the zoo med moss.

    Im in the Navy, left for a week and gave my wife pretty specific instructions such misting early in the morning and in the evening before she goes to sleep. She said that is what she has been doing, but I came home to at least 4-7 spots of white cottony looking mold about the size of a quarter in both of my enclosures. They have both only been setup for a week.

    Is this a common issue? Is over misting the culprit? Will the colony of isopods and springtails help with this type of mold? For now I just took all the moss out of the tanks. Its only growing on the moss for now, so Im removing the immediate culprit.

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    Yup it is a common issue. Get a culture of springtail and seed your tank, they do a great job of keeping mold and poop broken down. .


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      Would it hurt anything to throw the "un moldy" moss back in the tank so it does not go to waste? I have a culture of springtails im getting in the mail tomorrow.


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        I would maybe feed it to the springs (I never throw all my culture in, I keep some out so I can continue to seed as needed) you are not putting in, let them clean it up and then return it to the crestie tank. I hear the echo on the forum that mold is no bueno for cresties, so I wouldn't risk it. .


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          If it's the white fuzzy mold this can be expected the first few weeks. Nothing is established yet and the "eco-system" is all out of whack. If you have live plants in there it will help with the mold. The white fuzzy mold should go away on it's own in a few weeks once everything else balances out. Springtails will help but if your tank has only been set up for a week this is nothing to worry about. Happened in all 5 of live planted tanks.


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            I experienced this as well in my live plant tanks. it was just on the moss. i just removed the moss with mold on it. im not sure exactly what springtails are>.<


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              Basically little bugs that eat the waste and mold.


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                Ohhh i see. can they be bought at places like lows or homedepot?