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Branches from outside for terrarium

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  • Branches from outside for terrarium

    I've heard of people getting branches and sticks from outside for their terrariums and then they bake them to disinfect the branches to make them safe. I've never really felt comfortable doing this, but it is cheaper then going to chain pet stores and paying $30 to $50 dollars for a stupid branch. I wanted some opinions on this and some feedback to see if it is actually safe. The plus side is for me is because I live in Danville, NH I'm totally surrounded by woods with thousands of sticks and branches.

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    As long as you either bake them in the oven (250 degrees for 90 minutes) or soak them in 1 part bleach 9 parts water and rinse, rinse, rinse, soak in pure water, rinse, rinse rinse (see the pattern ) you should be fine. I have recently done the bake method on many small sticks in order to create a feeding ledge in my tank. Worked great, no issues with anything. The bark actually stayed on really well and makes the whole thing look realistic.
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      Okay thanks a lot!


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        I also bake mine its cleaner than the soak. At first I was worry about catching fire so was constantly watching them then the second time I just put them in set a time and came back when they were done. and I think the branches hive it a more natural look.

        Kazooguyz2, I take it you ended up using my ledge as inspiration for your ledge? I would be interested in seeing it. Thanks
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          I do the same, I have taken plenty of sticks from outside and baked them and they look great in the cage!
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            All of my Crestie enclosures are paper towel substrate, fake plants, and the gray pipe insulation for climbing. Now I want to make a nice big natural looking terrarium for a trio of cresties so I have a nice display cage.


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              I run wood from outside through my dishwasher on the sanitize cycle and it works well for me.

              You might also check for bamboo stakes at a garden center.