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Upgrading my cresties into bigger exo terras

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  • Upgrading my cresties into bigger exo terras

    I've had my these 2 cresties for a little over a year now both in separate 12x12x18 and I personally feel they are cramped. I don't have a scale but both seem to be pretty good size. I have one that's pretty active at night and I feel like it would love a bigger exo. My other one is when it wants to be. For this one I feel like maybe they feel like its to small to move about.

    I guess my question is how do I know when is the right time to move them? I'd like for them to have their own 18x18x24. Any info would help me because to be honest, I've kinda been stressing out about it. I guess I love my frogbutts too much ? Haha


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    I have two gals in an 18x18x24 right now, they're both happy and havn't had any issues. They share the repashy, both have their hiding spots (one I have to keep fixing due to her crazy jumping). One is just 4g smaller then the other. They both still have tails, I've been weighing them randomly to check growth to be sure they're growing and havn't found any issue with mine yet. They love the giant ExoTerra... I would probably recommend getting a little scale ether from here, walmart, ebay or elsewhere to find a cheap one. They should be pretty close to the same size and weight I believe, because one bigger then the other by a bit can bully the baby around and cause stress on the smaller one. I split them up into small KK's when I feed them crickets to prevent going after the same cricket.
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      I keep 3 adult females in a exo 18x18x24 and they do great so you could keep your two in there fine. If you wanted to keep them seperate just get 2 of the exo 18x18x18.


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        If they're over a year old then they should be good to move.


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          I agree with lauraleellbp, at over a year, they should be good to go into the big tanks!!! 18x18x24 for would be wonderful for one or two or even three. now the question is, what is going into the empty exos....
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