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  • DIY Tanks?


    My boyfriend and I are looking into getting a crested gecko, but are trying to collect all the things we will need before we look into bringing one home. Im kind of curious if anyone has made DIY tanks. Or converted tanks into terrariums. Ive made alot of DIY cages and a above tank basking area for a turtle before, so Im pretty creative. But some advice or inspiration is always nice!

    Thanks abunch

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    What about this?

    I just finished making one based on this guide and it looks great. I modified it by buying one of the Sterilite containers with locking clips on each end, and that way I can open it part way without removing the entire lid.

    Otherwise, I remember seeing a fish tank that was converted into an Exo-Terra style using plexiglas and silicone - I can't remember if I saw it on this forum or through a Google search, but try searching both and I'm sure it will come up.


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      Thanks for the link. Thats genius. I love when people can take something so simple and make it into something creative. I was hoping for something along the lines of the exo terra set up. I did see the thread you are speaking of but not much on how to do it. I have a old turtle tank I can flip and use, but not sure how we would connect the door. There is a hole in the side that was used for the filter so of course that ould be used for the top.

      I have even thought about buying plexi glass and some sealant and creating one as well, but not sure how that would turn out. If I went that route... I might as well just go buy the exo terra.


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        Aha, found what I was thinking of here.

        I'm not sure on cost (i.e. if it would be cheaper to just buy an Exo-Terra) but the benefit is, it looks fun to make and it's neat being able to say you made it yourself.


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          A lot of people convert tanks to terrariums...I used a reptile tank with a sliding screen top turned up on it's side for our first. Our next project is converting a store display case...excited about that one and hope it works!!


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            This is what i did for mine with awesome results! If you are creative this one is a great option. Its a little pricey but if you follow the instructions closely it will turn out really nice.