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  • background cleaning

    just curious, how do you people with natural vivs keep the background clean, yet not manage to rub all the coco fiber off?

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    springtails. Let them do the cleaning for you. Never had to do a background cleaning yet, had a natural viv for 9+ months. .


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      they get the whole background as well? i didnt know they liked to go that far from the ground


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        I have a 90 gallon and once my microfauna was established I only had to spot clean my plants, so they must get up that far, that or I have other helpers I'm not aware of. - You would be surprised at what inhabits a natural viv, I find all kinds if crawled I did not put in! However that is my dart frog tank, so geckos may eat more than they do as far as bugs. .


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          good! and yeah, hopefully not too many are eaten lol. i was just worried that the coco fiber would come off if i cleaned it


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            Didn't want to start a whole new topic so I figured I would revive this post. I plan on keeping my plants in pots so I can remove everything for easy cleaning (gf doesn't want springtails, ect in house, at all..) I am about to start my background and need to decide on wether to paint it or cover it in coco fiber?

            Without springtails is it a huge pain to clean the coco fiber background?


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              Coco fiber will scrub off, so I would say paint if spring rails aren't an option. I have also seen people mix peat, coco fiber, sphagnum into black silicone a smear on a background for easy cleaning, but still getting a texture. Just a thought.