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  • New DIY accessories

    As my Crestie collection continues to grow, I keep experimenting with various DIY ideas I run across to bring down costs.

    Latest and greatest is using pipe insulation to make climbing branches, perches, and feeding stations. Here's the finished product:

    I bought some pipe insulation from both Lowes and Home Depot today, and found that the stuff from Home Depot is a little more rigid plus has adhesive so you can close up the slit if you want. 8 or 10 feet (I forget) for under $2. I really like how it's working- no suction cups needed and it should be really easy to clean. I might look for some of those foam swim noodles down the road so I don't have to worry about cleaning the hollow insides, but the ones that are sealed up shouldn't need cleaning anyways... I could only find 1" diameter, but if I can find some 2 or 3" inside diameter I'll also make some hides out of them.

    I cut out holes to insert the little melamine teacups that I use to hold CGD and water (around 25 cents each at my local Asian market). I really like these as they have rounded bottoms so are easier to clean (CGD doesn't get stuck in corners) and are dishwasher safe.

    I've also started using small plastic plant saucers from HD for water dishes. 89 cents each, and I can also put these in the dishwasher.

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    Those look really neat! Did you clean them before putting them in the tanks? If so, how did that work out with them being foam?
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      All I did was rinse them with warm water and then I chlorhexidined them. Worked really well, and I don't anticipate any issues cleaning at all. Pretty sure everything should wipe right off.


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        This is really neat. I love how wide and thick they are.
        I'm surprised at how rigid they are, I need to go put my hands on some because I'm sick of gluing things to tanks and having them pop off sporadically.

        Kako is such a pretty girl :3c
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          I love insulation. So easy to clean and mold resistant.
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            Hey! Looks like a few of us got a hold of that same tip! I got the idea from Vicki @ Big Fat Geckos and I know a couple of other people that do the same

            Generally what I do with the insulation is use that slit to my advantage and make it into a hiding spot for smaller/younger geckos

            Here is one with solely insulation. It isn't currently lived in it's reserved for a new purchase.

            I love this stuff! It is so much safer and easier to clean. Paper towel rolls were the death of me and they got soggy and just weren't as easily reusable. And it really makes the perfect hiding spot Just make sure your geckos can easily fit before deciding to make it into a gecko-tunnel.
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              Yeah I figure if they're working well for both Vicki (Big Fat Geckos) and Wally (Supreme Geckos) then I needed to give them a try.

              I've been looking online for some larger diameter ones for making adult hides, and it looks like Sears may have them...


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                Wow! I'm out of Thanks, but the pix from NiceRach did it for me...I like the idea of a hide/ branch support! It looks great in the bins.
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                  If you use the slit ones that DON'T have the seal on them for hides, then you should be able to get the gecko out pretty easily.

                  I'm probably going to try those for Phelsuma laying tubes. That way I can move the eggs to incubate them easily, even the egg-gluers (if I can get the Phelsuma to use them, that is...)


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                    I love this idea! I was using some wood trim for doors/windows/ect as a ledge for my cresties and leachies and they loved it but I am going to try this!
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                      So you don't need to glue them, they just pop into place if you cut them to the right length?
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                        I've only had one fall so far, and that's in one of the breeding tanks so most likely had some serious jumping and scrambling to deal with (plus I think I should have cut it just a bit longer) lol


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                          Defentily picking some of this up today! thanks for sharing couldn't be more thrilled to stumble upon this, perfect for all my bins
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                            I'm gonna try this when I get back home. Dollar Tree normally has swimming tubes, but they may not have them this time of year. Either way, I'll not be going to Lowes for this. I'll have to go to Osh or Ace.
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                              Yeah my Dollar Tree doesn't have those right now, so I guess I'll have to wait a few months and then stock up... Don't feel like paying $5-10 each when I know I can "normally" get em for just a dollar.