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    I use clarks and my geckos all took to it instantly.... and mine have even put on 2-4 grams of weight in the last month.
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      Picked up my cresteds today AND I ordered their Clark's diet (Woo-Hoo!)!!!

      How much should I mix? Will the directions be on the bottle/brochure? Is it 1/2 tsp. of mix to 1 tsp. warm water?

      I put a little smashed banana in my containers this evening and both geckos at it.
      Be thankful.


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        I don't measure out the water, just mix it until it has a smoothie-texture. You'll quickly learn to "eyeball" it. :wink:

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          yeah 2 parts water to one part powder seems to work out about right...

          I ordered my clarks diet over a week ago... having it shipped to Canada is a bit of a pain :P ... but I got it yesterday... I put some in each of the cages... and they seem to have made a small dent in it... which is pretty impressive, because they wouldn't come near the CGD, some would actualyl run away from it... and also they still had a couple of crickets and worms in their cages, so I figure by the time they got around to the clarks, they were pretty full...

          I'll keep ya posted as I see if they are eating more... last night I was too tired to sit and watch them ... so I don't really know who ate and who didn't.


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            Im glad it arrived ok Ivy, I was worried about shipping to canada, too bad it took so long. The general directiosn are 2 parts water to one part diet.. I personally go more in the range of 3-4 parts water which thins the stuff down to about the consistency of babyfood... also its very absorbent, so at first using that much water can make it seem to thin, but if you let it sit a while before using it will really thicken up!


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              yeah, no worries, thanks for sending it out... alot of people don't like to ship to Canada at all ...

              I was hoping to get it by the Friday so I could take some samples down to the Toronto Reptile expo... but ohh well, there's another one coming in november... lots of breeders are really curious about the stuff, and no one has any here.


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                I'm going to Order some of it soon
                I raise Crested Geckos with high quality care