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The Complete Guide to Making a Tub Tank for Under $25! (HUGE DUW!)

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  • The Complete Guide to Making a Tub Tank for Under $25! (HUGE DUW!)

    Hey guys! I recently just got a new male for my two laddies but just like any other new geckos, he had to be quarentined(sp?) So I decided instead of going out and spending 100+ on a tank, that he would live in a tub for now =) So I documented it along the way so everyone can see!

    First I went out to target and they were having a back to college sale or something of that nature. They were selling 66 QT tubs for $4.44! Lets just round that to $5. Heres the tub (I got four of them)

    Then I took the top and cut out the middle with a utility knife.

    And finally, I hot glued in some window screen mesh. I got a roll at aco hardware for $5 but I used VERY little of it, so lets say $0.50 worth.

    This is what it looked like finished.

    Now onto filling the tub!

    First, I went out to the Dollar Tree and got some suction cup soap dishes. I painted them a wood design with acylic paint.

    Then I went out to my local micheals and picked up any fake leaves or flowers that had fallen off their steams...

    and glued them onto the ledges!

    Here are all of the ones I made. *Estimated value: $1.50 per ledge*

    While I was at the dollar tree (EVERYTHING IS A DOLLAR THERE! LOL) I also got some floral bushes like this one.

    I cut off some of the stem and put a dot of glue around it so that any geckos that climb on it can't get scratched.

    Then I added a suction cup (I got mine at aco hardware for a pack of 3 for $1) to the back of it by hot glueing it on. *Estimated value: $1.50 per bush*

    Here are all of the bushes (I don't really know what else to call them) that I made.

    I also got an onion grass fake plant and some big fake leaves at the dollar tree (as you can see, I love cheap and I love the dollar tree!) I took some twistie ties, and wrapped them together and then hot glued them in place.

    Then I took some air drying pottery clay (i had some, but you can get it at any arts and crafts store) and molded a bottom for the plant.

    I then took some extra little leaves and stuck them in the clay for more hiding spots. and once it dried i painted the clay with arcylic paint so that it water a waterproof seal.

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    you can choose to keep it like this but I was stupid and took a blowdryer to it to dry off some water and ended up melting the onion grass a bit.... But then I pulled down the oion grass and glued some flowers to the middle so it made a beautiful fern! *Estimated value: $5

    Then I took some left over vine i had from a pack and added some beautiful flowers to it! (I got all the flowers from the dollar tree! Each flower came with a bunch of flowers that I cut into indaviduals)*Estimated value: $5*

    I then tied the vine onto the bushes with the suction cups on them.

    And lastly, I made a little filler by glueing up a boquae(sp?) and putting a suction cup on it. *Estimated value $1*

    And finally, the tub with everything in it!

    And as a note, wash everything before putting you gecko in the tub (including the tub)!

    Thanks for reading!!!! Have a great day! Oh, and just to let you know, I did the math and everything including the tub totaled to $22.50


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      lol i did the same with my tubs! LOL dollar tree!
      the moss it the big one has been removed, i put it in there cause i wanted to see what it would look lke. I now have paper towels in it.

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        by the way yours look awesome! never thought to make ledges!! every creative.
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          That is GREAT! I have been thinking about getting some large tupperwares to turn into enclosures once I have more adult cresties.
          And I especially ADORE the soapdish ledges!!!!!

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            Thanks for the kind comments you two! And hupababy, love you setups too! LOL i visit the dollar tree like every week!


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              Oooh! I love the clay_and_plant idea!


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                Great!! I did something similar for my snake when I needed to silicon a part back (I broke the tank so she is still in the tub). I might end up doing this for October since there is two expos and you never know if my mother will let me get anything.
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                  Very creative and thrifty way of using your dollars, thanks for sharing. You can't beat 4 bucks for that sterilite tub, the light colored green top is my favorite color, very tropical.


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                    Thanks for the great comments and rating you guys! It really means a lot!


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                      Oh my gosh! Thats awesome. I rarely use tubs, but if I do more I'm using this thread! Love it!!
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                        Very Creative. I would have never thought od the soap dishes, or clay.
                        Thanks for sharing. I'm always looking to cheap decorating ideas.


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                          Wow, dude. That's waaaay awesome. While I love my Exo, I wish I did this instead. It's like...100 dollars cheaper, haha.


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                            wow this is amazing! i'll make on when I get my 1st crestie in a few weeks


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                              Just a quick note... If you have cats, skip the screen portion and just drill holes with a saudering iron or a woodburning tool...

                              Otherwise, nicely done and very creative!
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