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Plastic type smell in enclosure.

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  • Plastic type smell in enclosure.

    Hi guys I have a exo terra enclosure that I used expanding foam in to build a setup for my growing Gargoyle Gecko. I waited for about 3 days and poked the foam every where to makesure it had cured before I started to carve it. Then I used the bond it premiere black HA6 marine grade rtv silicone all over whilst applying the cocoa fibre surface.

    Once again I left that to dry out for about a month tulll the vinegar smell had gone.
    Put all the hydro balls, mess then the bio active substrate mix in with plants and custodians to let it start setting up.

    All of the plants that I put in apart from 1 kept dying off and I put this down to me not being very Green fingered. I have this constant fume / plastic smell in there that I cannot seem to get rid of when the doors are closed.

    I have tried doing what my reptile shop has advised which was to remove all the plants and substrate and leave to air out whilst still misting it to try and help wash out any remaining pollutants but this smell will just not go away.

    The enclosure had been setup for about 6 months before I ripped all the plants and substrate out.

    I am at a total loss with that to do with this, and don't really want to have to tear it all out as I don't think I will be able to salvage the wood that is in there and I really like how it turned out I even have a fogger that works through one of the bits of wood so any advice or help would be really appreciated.