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    Hi - I have a gargoyle gecko and am looking to set up an enclosure that has live plants in it, but I am not interested in the springtails and isopods, etc. Is there a way to set up the tank so there is soil for the plants but a top layer of substrate that is easy for me to clean? Thanks!

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    The short answer is yes. Just don't add any springtails or isopods! You may get springtails anyway, as they are present in a lot of plant soil, but there probably won't be a lot of them.

    Yes, you will have to clean up gecko turds yourself.

    You can either leave the soil alone or put pieces of bark or dried leaves on it.
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      Why do you not want the springtails and isopods? They don't escape, are barely noticeable, and make cleanup ever so much easier!
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